• About Us  

    Our passion for BOLLYWOOD & LOVE for gourmet inclined us to create this restaurant called "70 m.m Dining". "70 m.m Dining" will get you attached to the famous Bollywood & Hollywood stars as the ambience and decor is one of its kind. We serve scrumptious cuisines from all around the world with guaranteed taste that will bring you back to us. Love for 70 m.m screen and passion for delicious food is the TRP of our restaurant.

    Our Mission

    To ensure that our guest are welcomed with a pleasant smile, friendly staff, prompt service & best quality in food & taste. Our aim is to provide a magnificent ambience with music & art that satisfies all our guest.

    Our Vision

    Our only Vision is to make "70 m.m Dining" a huge blockbuster and open outlets in various cities.

  • Our Services  

    1. We cater to Indoor & Outdoor dining area.
    2. Private party ie Birthday ,Anniversary & Special Occasions.
    3. Scrumptious Lunch & Dinner.
    4. Take away
    5. Home Delivery Services.
    6. Banquet hall booking with dance & music.
    7. Valet Parking.

  • Our Speciality  

    Rs. 110Mojito
    (In touch of mint & lemon)
    Rs. 110Pina Colada
    (Mix with coconut mik & vanilla ice cream with pineapple)
    Rs. 110Fruit Punch
    (Mix juices with fresh fruits)
    Rs. 110Margarita
    (Strawberry crush ice & lemon juice)
    Rs. 110Strawberry Granita
    (Strawberry crush with lemon juice & crushed ice in touch with mint)
    Rs. 90Real Caned Juice
    (Orange / Mango / Pineapple / Mix)

    Rs. 90Cream of Tomato Soup
    Rs. 90Cream of Mushroom
    Rs. 90Cream of Spinach Soup
    Rs. 90French Onion Soup
    Rs. 100Potas Basil Soup
    Rs. 100Scotch Broth
    Rs. 120Cream of Broccoli Soup
    Rs. 120Cream of Chicken Soup

    Rs. 110Nachos
    Rs. 130Cheese Chilli Toast
    Rs. 160Quesadillas
    Rs. 160Cheese Ball
    Rs. 180Nutty Cheese Ball
    Rs. 180Bruschetta
    Rs. 180Supremo Chicken
    (Charcoal grilled chicken supreme pieces touched)
    Rs. 200Chicken Nuggets
    Rs. 240Fish Finger
    Rs. 270Fish N Chips
    Rs. 270Fish Rollet

    Rs. 200Veg Sizzler
    Rs. 240Paneer Steak Sizzler
    Rs. 290Mexican Sizzler
    Rs. 290Chicken Steak Sizzler
    Rs. 320Mix Grill Sizzler

    Rs. 180Fettuccine with Assorted Veg in Carbonara Sauce
    (fettuccine and exoctic veg served with french style egg and chicken sauce)
    Rs. 180Pasta Alla Carbonara
    (pasta tossed with broccoli, bell pepper, mushroom and tomato sauce)
    Rs. 180Veg Cannelloni with served Alfredo Sauce
    (stuffed cannelloni with spinach and cheese served with alfredo sauce)
    Rs. 180Nonveg Cannelloni
    (stuffed cannelloni with chicken and cheese served alfredo sauce)
    Rs. 220Spaghetti Bolognese
    (spaghetti tossed with mince lamb sauce)
    Rs. 220Pasta with Chicken in Spicy Tomato Flavored Sauce
    (guest choice pasta served with chilly and tomato flavored arabiata sauce)

    Rs. 210Baked Veg
    Rs. 210Veg Conoloni
    Rs. 230Chicken Stroganoff
    Rs. 250Chicken In The Basket
    Rs. 270Chicken Pickata
    Rs. 300Chicken Roast
    Rs. 320Lemon Fish

    SOUPVeg / Non Veg
    Rs. 90/100Sweet Corn Soup
    Rs. 90/100Hot & Sour Soup
    Rs. 90/100Manchow Soup
    Rs. 90/100Lung Fung Soup
    Rs. 90/100Lemon Coriander Soup
    Rs. 90/100Clear Soup
    Rs. 90/100Talumin Soup
    Rs. 90/100Spicy Sweet Corn
    (Thai Soup)
    Rs. 90/100Jade Corn Soup
    Rs. 90/100Burnt Garlic Soup
    Rs. 100/110Tum Kai Pak
    (Thai lemon flavoured thick soup)
    Rs.100/110Tum Kai Gai
    (Thai Soup)
    Rs. 100/110Song Lai Tong
    (Thai Spicy Soup)
    Rs. 100/110Mexican Chilly Bean Soup
    (Rich blend of red bean purie, oregano & Cream)
    Rs. 110Tomato Egg Drop Soup
    Rs. 120Pangsti Soup
    (Indonesian wonton clear soup)

    Rs. 160Seafood Soup Spicy
    Rs. 150Seafood Clear Soup
    Rs. 165Seafood Manchow Soup
    Rs. 165Packing Fish Soup

    (STARTERS)                         VEG
    Rs. 120Chinese Bhel
    Rs. 130Shredded Crispy Potato
    Rs. 130Crispy Veg
    Rs. 130Veg Manchurian
    Rs. 150Spring Roll Veg
    Rs. 160Sesame Toast Veg
    Rs. 160Gobhi Hunan
    Rs. 160Gobhi Manchurian
    Rs. 160Veg Schezwan Finger
    Rs. 170Thai Roll Spicy Veg
    Rs. 170Golden Fried Babycorn
    Rs. 170Spicy Dicy Babycorn / Mushroom
    Rs. 170Corn Salt-N-Pepper
    Rs. 170Veg Momos
    Rs. 170Shredded Veg Herbal Sauce
    Rs. 170Veg Sai-Woo
    Rs. 170Kung Pao Veg / Potatoes
    Rs. 170Wonton Fried Veg
    Rs. 170Paneer Chilly Dry
    Rs. 170Paneer 65
    Rs. 170Paneer Hunan
    Rs. 170Wok Fried Mushroom
    Rs. 180Dragon Roll Veg
    Rs. 180Corn Toast
    Rs. 180Crispy Corn
    Rs. 180Chow � Chow Broccoli
    Rs. 180Paneer Satay
    Rs. 190Stir Fried Exotic Veg
                                     NON � VEG
    Rs. 170Spring Roll Non Veg
    Rs. 180Sesame Chicken
    Rs. 190Stir Fry Chicken
    Rs. 190Chicken Salt-n-Pepper
    Rs. 190Wonton Fried Chicken/Fish/Prawns
    Rs. 190Basil Chicken
    Rs. 190Sesame Toast
    Rs. 200Hot Garlic Chicken
    Rs. 200Dragon Chicken
    Rs. 200Sizzling Chicken
    Rs. 200Thai Roll Spicy Non Veg
    Rs. 200Dragon Roll Non Veg
    Rs. 200Chicken Momos
    Rs. 200Crispy Chicken
    Rs. 200Red Pepper Chicken
    Rs. 200Hong Kong Chicken
    Rs. 200Shanghai Chicken
    Rs. 200Chicken Sathe
    (Chicken served with traditional Thai peanut sauce)
    Rs. 200 / 240 / 400Butter Garlic Chicken/Fish/Prawns
    Rs. 200 / 250 / 400Suji Wangi Chicken / Fish / Prawns
    (Fried and tossed in hot plum sauce)
    Rs. 200 / 250 / 400Teriyaki Chicken / Fish / Prawns
    (Japaneese preparation)
    Rs. 200 / 250 / 400Tai - Pei Chicken / Fish / Prawns
    (Smooth chicken / fish / prawns with barbeque sauce)
    Rs. 200 / 250 / 400Kanji Gai Chicken / Fish / Prawns
    (Fresh chicken / fish / prawns tossed with oyster sauce)
    Rs. 200/270Chilly Chicken\Fish
    Rs. 200 / 270 / 400Chicken Hunan/Fish/Prawns
    (chicken served in sweet and spicy sauce with our chef's magical taste)
    Rs. 200 / 270 / 400Schezwan Chicken/Fish/Prawns
    Rs. 200 / 270 / 400Chicken/Fish/Prawns 65
    Rs. 230Drums of Heaven
    Rs. 270Chicken Winglet
    Rs. 270Gin Kai
    (chicken tossed in mini based sauce with gin)
    Rs. 400Golden Fried Prawns

    Veg / Non Veg
    Rs. 180Cottage Cheese in Choise of Sauce
    (Honey chilly, Schezwan, Sweet Garlic, Hunan & Hot Garlic sauce)
    Rs. 170 / 200Sweet N Sour Veg / Non Veg
    Rs. 200 / 220Chowmein
    Rs. 200 / 220Exotic Veg Choice of Sauce
    (oyster,hoisin,hot garlic,schezwan,hunnan,malaysian & black bean souce)
    Rs. 220Diced Veg with Cashew Nut
    Rs. 220Double Cooked Chicken
    Rs. 220Ching Chow Chicken
    Rs. 250Basil Chicken with Rice
    Rs. 250Shantamin Rice
    Rs. 250Stewed Rice
    Rs. 230/280Burma Khou Sui
    Rs. 230/280Thai Curry(with Basil Rice)
    (red / yellow / green)

    Veg / Non Veg
    Rs. 150 /170Hakka / Chilly Garlic Noodles
    Rs. 150 / 170Fried Rice
    Rs. 160 / 180Schezwan Fried Rice
    Rs. 170 / 190Mushroom Fried Rice
    Rs. 170 / 190Singaporian Rice
    Rs. 170 / 190Sticky Rice
    Rs. 170 Burnt Garlic Rice
    Rs. 170 Pot Rice Veg
    Rs. 170 Chinese Chopsuey with Fried Noodles
    Rs. 170 / 190American Chopsuey
    Rs. 170 / 200Burnt Garlic Noodles
    Rs. 180 / 200Mushroom Burnt Garlic Rice
    Rs. 180 / 200Schezwan Noodles
    Rs. 180 / 200Singaporian Noodles
    Rs. 180 / 200Malaysian Noodles
    Rs. 200 / 220Teppanyaki Noodles
    (hot noodles with yellow black beans)
    Rs. 200 /220Pad Thai Noodles
    (with chilli oyster & hoisin sauce)
    Rs. 200 / 220Yamein Rice\ Damien
    Rs. 200 / 220Oriental Rice
    Rs. 200 / 220Hong Kong Fried Rice
    Rs. 220 / 240Packing Noodles
    Rs. 220 / 240Mandairn Noodles
    Rs. 230 / 250Hong Kong Pan Fried Noodles
    Rs. 230 / 250Pan Fried Noodles
    Rs. 230 / 250Oriental Flat Noodles
    Rs. 250 / 280Pad Ke � Mow (with Hot Noodles)
    (pan fried flat noodles with chilly sauce,bell pepper & basil)
    Rs. 300Prawns Hakka Noodles
    Rs. 300Prawns Fried Rice
    Rs. 350Mix Fried Rice
    (Rice Tossed and mixed with Fish, Chicken & Mutton)

    Rs. 10 /12Papad Roasted / Fry
    Rs. 25Masala Papad
    Rs. 60Green Salad
    Rs. 60Onion Salad
    Rs. 60Kachumber Salad
    Rs. 60 Dahi Kachumber Salad

    Rs. 160Veg Seekh Kebab
    (vegetables finely minced mildly spiced and cooked in tandoor)
    Rs. 160Hara bhara Kebab
    (chopped vegetables, mashed potato, spices and deep fried)
    Rs. 170Potato Green Garden
    (potato fried & tossed in mint sauce)
    Rs. 170Potato Peas Kebab
    Rs. 180Aloo Guldasta
    Rs. 190Corn Cheese Kebab
    (american corn with process cheese, salt & pepper roasted in tandoor)
    Rs. 190Cheese Seekh Kebab
    (process cheese, salt & pepper cooked in tandoor)
    Rs. 200Chatni Paneer
    (marinated with mint sauce)
    Rs. 210Paneer Tikka
    (paneer marinated with yoghurt and spices skewered and cooked in a tandoor)
    Rs. 210Paneer Malai Tikka
    (cottage cheese marinated with cream and yoghurt)
    Rs. 220Paneer Green Garden
    (dimond cutting paneer in mint sauce & deep fried)
    Rs. 220Lucknowi Paneer Tikka
    (cottage cheese stuffed with dryfruit)
    Rs. 250Tandoori Mushroom
    Rs. 250Mushroom Kebab
    Rs. 260Shabnam Ke Moti
    Rs. 260Cheese Mushroom Kurkure

    Rs. 230Murg Tikka
    (boneless chicken pieces marinated in tandoori spices and yoghurt cooked in tandoor)
    Rs. 230Murg Achari Tikka
    (chicken prepared in home made pickles and yoghurt cooked in tandoor)
    Rs. 230Chicken Lahoori Tikka
    (Chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices for taste)
    Rs. 230Murg Hariyali Tikka
    Rs. 240Murg Kasturi Tikka
    (Chicken marinated spices roasted to mouth melting finish)
    Rs. 240Chicken Hydrabadi Tikka
    (Chicken marinated in light sauce made with fresh spinach
    mint leaves and our chef secret masala finished in tandoor)
    Rs. 240Chicken Ajwain Tikka
    (Chicken marinated in yoghurt treated with aromatic spices
    with a hint of mustard oil and ajwain and grilled in tandoor)
    Rs. 240Chicken Malai Tikka
    (Chicken marinated in spiced yoghurt, skewered and grilled on charcoal)
    Rs. 240Chicken Boti Kabab
    (With bone Chicken marinated in tandoori spiced & cooked in tandoor
    bonless chicken pieces marinated in mint, yoghurt and cooked in tandoor)
    Rs. 250 / 460Tandoori Chicken Half / Full
    (Our Favorite chicken marinated in yoghurt ginger garlic spices, roasted to perfection)
    Rs. 250 /460Green Tandoori Chicken Half / Full
    (Our Secret Recipe)
    Rs. 250 /460Grilled Chicken Half / Full
    Rs. 250Chicken Peshwari
    (chicken marinated in yoghurt & indian spices for taste)
    Rs. 250Chicken Green Garden
    (chicken marinated in mint sauce & deep fried)
    Rs. 250Murg Malai Tikka
    (boneless chicken pieces marinated in fresh cream, cheese and mild spices, skewered & roasted in tandoor)
    Rs. 250Tangdi Kebab
    (leg pieces marinated in yoghurt & cream cooked in tandoor)
    Rs. 250Chicken Pahadi Tikka
    Rs. 260Chicken Seekh Kebab
    (Chicken minced with spices and grilled on tandoor)
    Rs. 270Tangdi Chicken
    (chicken marinated in yoghurt,cheese & cashewnut paste)
    Rs. 270Murg Afgani Tikka
    (chicken cubes marinated in special chef�s recipe)
    Rs. 180 / 340Afgani Tangdi
    (2pcs / 4pcs)
    Rs. 180 / 340Chicken Multani Tangdi
    (2pcs / 4pcs)
    (Chicken leg infused with herbs and spices, wrapped in gram flour marinate and glazed golden in tandoor)

    Rs. 280Chicken Bar-be-que
    (chicken grilled with a not too sweet and not too tangy barbecue sauce that�s loved by everyone)
    Rs. 280Murg Zafrani Kabab
    (chicken breast marinated in different herbs and cooked in tandoor,garnished with lemon wedges/onion rings)
    Rs. 280Chicken Navabi Sholay
    (mouth watering combination of boneless chicken with egg marinated in chef secret masala,cheese,herbs &cashew nut {bon app�tit!!!})
    Rs. 280Chicken Peshawari Tikka
    Rs. 300Chicken Honey Tikka
    Rs. 300Dumpuk Kebab
    (made with egg roll wrapped around minced chicken cover with foil and steamed in charcoal)
    Rs. 410Potli Kebab
    (Our chef special _ Min time 25 mins)
    Rs. 410Karela Kebab
    (Our chef special _ Min time 25 mins)
    Rs. 250 / 480Bharma Tangdi 2pcs / 4pcs
    (chicken leg stuffed with keema chicken)
    Rs. 50070 M.M Murg Tangdi
    (An all in one dish consisting of chicken stuffed with mutton, chicken
    egg, paneer keema cooked in tandoor and finished to perfection)

    Rs. 300Mutton Seekh Kebab
    (Mince lamb blended with herbs, spices, skewered & cooked in tandoor)
    Rs. 300Mutton Chapli Kabab (6pcs)
    (A pakistani cuisine,made of minced meat and is lightly spiced and fried on a large flat griddle, fried till light golden brown)
    Rs. 320Mutton Peshawari Tikka
    Rs. 320Shami Kabab (8pcs)
    (minced meat with ground chick peas(chana dal) & spices, shaped in round patties then shallow fried)
    Rs. 350Heer Ranjha Kabab
    (a combination of mutton and chicken seek kebabs in one platter)
    Rs. 840Peshawari Raan
    (order 1 day prior)
    (RAAN-leg of baby lamb smoked over coal on skewer is left overnight for 24 hours.
    Some of the herbs and spices used in the marinade are: Kabab chini, dal chini or cinnamon
    choti elaichi or cardamom, parsley, green chilli,javitri, tej patta or bay leaves, red chilli
    powder and garlic paste finished to perfection)

    Rs. 280Fish Tikka
    (boneless fish tikka delicately marinated and finished in tandoor)
    Rs. 290Fish Sheek Kabab
    (fish fillet minced to a smooth paste interspersed with onion petals, lime wedges and bay leaves finished in tandoor)
    Rs. 290Fish Hariyali Tikka
    (fish marinated in yoghurt and mint sauce cooked in tandoor)
    Rs. 290Fish Ajwain Tikka
    (in flavour of ajwain cooked in tandoor)
    Rs. 290Fish Green Garden
    (Fish fried and tossed in mint sauce)
    Rs. 300Fish Lahsuni
    (A mouth watering combination of fish and spinach cooked in a saffron based gravy and spiced up with green chilles)
    Rs. 310Fish Angara
    Rs. 310Fish Hyderabadi
    Rs. 320Fish Rajasthani Tikka

    Rs. 160Seasonable Vegetable
    (as per availability)
    Rs. 180Mushroom Do Pyaza
    (Mushroom in Onion Tomato Based Semi gravy)
    Rs. 180Mixed Vegetable
    (Dry assorted vegetable in indian spices)
    Rs. 190Mushroom Masala
    (Mushroom+Garlic+pepperoni is a Match Made in Heaven)
    Rs. 190Veg Jalfrezi
    (A semi-dry Indian recipe with a mixed of vegetable cooked in tomato based gravy )
    Rs. 190Veg Kolhapuri
    (Mixed vegetable cooked in maharastrian style specifically Kolhapuri style)
    Rs. 190Dum Aloo Kashmiri
    (Most widely preferred north indian curries, prepared with
    lots of spices and deep fried potatoes)
    Rs. 190Lahori Aloo
    (potato stuffed with dry fruit and cooked in makhani gravy)
    Rs. 190Mix Vegetable Kofta Curry
    (Enriched with the goodness of vegetables, bursting with myriad flavours)
    Rs. 190Veg Makhkhanwala
    (Mixed Vegetables are cooked in butter, onion tomato gravy and cashew nut paste )
    Rs. 190Veg Kofta in Palak Gravy
    (Vegetable Koftas in spinach gravy)
    Rs. 200Veg Diwani Handi
    (A medely of lightly roasted mix vegetables simmered in creamy spinach
    puree & spiced with home made garam masala )
    Rs. 200Angoori Kofta Curry
    (Yummy dish prepared with potato, cottage cheese, cashew nut, raisins & fresh cream)
    Rs. 200Palak Corn
    (Nutritious vegetable made using vitamin A rich spinach & sweet corn)
    Rs. 210Methi Mutter Malai
    (aromatic flavourful north Indian gravy recipe made from onion, fenugreek
    leaves & green peas with heavy cream)
    Rs. 220Malai Kofta Curry
    (Creamy & rich preparation with cottage cheese dumplings)
    Rs. 220Paneer Kadai
    (a mouth watering combination of paneer, capsicum, tomato, onion and
    traditional Indian spices cooked in ghee)
    Rs. 220Palak Paneer
    (nutritious cottage cheese made using Vitamin A rich spinach)
    Rs. 220Paneer Kolhapuri
    (Tremendous mixing of Indian cottage cheese in rich coconut, fresh herbs in maharashtrian style)
    Rs. 230Veg Jaipuri
    (A rich and maturation dish from Rajasthani cuisine with a
    delicious mixed veg preparation)
    Rs. 230Navratan Korma
    (NAVARATAN( meaning nine gems ) from nine different veggie, fruit & nuts used in it)
    Rs. 230Kaju Curry
    (cashews simmered in rich, creamy onion tomato gravy basically a mughlai preparation)
    Rs. 230Paneer Mutter
    (onion tomato based Punjabi gravy with green peas & cottage cheese)
    Rs. 230Paneer Tikka Masala
    (A marinated paneer cubes grilled to perfection and then cooked in
    spicy gravy, delicious in every bite)
    Rs. 230Paneer Mughlai
    (influenced by persian and afghani, a classical dinner recipe made
    from curd, coconut & cashew nut)
    Rs. 230Paneer Makhani
    (Cottage cheese cooked in onion-tomato gravy and cashew nut paste)
    Rs. 240Paneer Korma
    (aromatic and rich korma of soft succulent paneer cubes in a tangy onion tinged tomato gravy )
    Rs. 240Paneer Lababdar
    (aromatic spicy gravy with sauted onions tomato fresh creamy gravy)
    Rs. 240Paneer Shahi
    (a little sweet in cashewnut gravy)
    Rs. 240Paneer Lahoori
    (finger style paneer cooked in onion & tomato based gravy with a touch of coconut)
    Rs. 240Paneer Lachedar
    (Julian style cottage cheese, capsicum & onion with a magical touch of chef)
    Rs. 250Paneer Pasanda
    (Stuffed Cottage cheese in brown gravy)
    Rs. 270Paneer Anari
    (Cottage cheese stuffed with pomegranate & milk solids(khoa)
    white pepper and some delightful green veggies served in makhani gravy)

    Rs. 180Dhaba Anda(egg) Curry
    (curry with hints of methi and mild masala flavour)
    Rs. 260Chicken Roganjosh
    (chicken pieces cooked with kashmiri spices and flavoured with rogan spiced oil
    prepared in pure desi ghee and khus gravy)
    Rs. 240Murg Raseela
    Rs. 240Chicken Bhuna
    (Famous Indian chicken dish, cooked in fresh fragrance of ginger, garlic and bhuna masala)
    Rs. 240Dhaba Chicken
    (curry with hints of methi and mild masala flavour)
    Rs. 240Kadai Chicken
    (A mouth watering combination of chicken, capsicum, tomato, onion and
    traditional Indian spices cooked in ghee)
    Rs. 240Chicken Sagwala
    (Indian inspired chicken simmers in a light sauce made with fresh coriander & spinach)
    Rs. 260Chicken Do Pyaza
    (Chicken cooked in famous do(double)pyaza style onion-tomato based semi gravy)
    Rs. 260Murg Makhkhan Wala
    (This dish is among the best known Indian food all over the world)
    Rs. 260Murg Hyderabadi Korma
    (A very authentic and scrumptious recipe with chicken and spinach)
    Rs. 270Chicken Tikka Lababdar
    (Chicken cooked in brown gravy)
    Rs. 270Chicken Tikka Masala
    (Roasted chunks(tikka) of chicken in a spicy sauce usually spiced and orange gravy)
    Rs. 270Chicken Kalimirch
    (Chicken cooked in cashewnut gravy & black pepper)
    Rs. 270Chicken Nawabi
    (Chicken cooked in muglai gravy)
    Rs. 280Chicken Rara
    (chicken steeped in gravy of spicy mince , soaked with rare spices, it is royal in taste and appearance)
    Rs. 290Chicken Baghdadi
    (Chicken cooked in rich tomato gravy with chopped boiled egg and a touch of cashew nuts)
    Rs. 320Chicken 70mm
    (Chef Special)
    Rs. 300Railway Mutton Curry
    (Succulent cubes of mutton cooked with potatoes in onion-tomato gravy and finished to perfection)
    Rs. 300Mutton Do Pyaza
    (Mutton cooked in famous do(double)pyaza style onion-tomato based semi gravy)
    Rs. 300Kadai Mutton
    (A mouth watering combination of chicken, capsicum, tomato, onion and traditional Indian spices cooked in ghee)
    Rs. 300Dal Gosht
    (Delicious lamb curry, tender mutton pices, cooked with lentil flavoured & special spices prepared by our master chef)
    Rs. 300Mutton Sagwala
    (Indian inspired chicken simmers in a light sauce made with fresh coriander & spinach)
    Rs. 310Bhuna Gosht
    (Famous Indian chicken dish, cooked in fresh fragnance of ginger, garlic and bhuna masala)
    Rs. 320Mutton Roganjosh
    (Tasty curry of boneless lamb cubes cooked with kashmiri spices & flavoured with Rogan-spiced oil,prepared by our master chef)
    Rs. 320Mutton Korma
    (Mutton cooked in white gravy)
    Rs. 340Mutton Rara
    (Lamb cooked in authentic indian style served in mini brass bucket)
    Rs. 350Hyderabadi Keema
    (Mutton mince cooked in a spicy masala and served, garnished with boiled egg)
    Rs. 400Rajputana Laal Mass
    (Fiery rajasthani meat curry cooked in a variety of masala with a burst of red chilles)
    Rs. 260Fish Curry
    (Fish cooked in onion-tomato gravy and made it to perfection)
    Rs. 260Fish Masala
    (Fish cooked in onion-tomato semi gravy with a magical touch of our chef)
    Rs. 300Fish Rai Tomato
    (mixture of five spices viz.. jeera, sauf, methi seeds, rai, kalonji and fish with onion-tomato gravy)
    Rs. 450Prawns masala (as per availability)
    Rs. 950Murgh Musallam
    (Murg means(chicken )in urdu & musallam means(whole),a very delicious stuffed whole chicken
    dish with boiled eggs and masala prepared by our master chef)
    (Order 1 day prior)
    Rs. 750Bakra Musallam
    (serve with rice, keema, kaleji & gurda)
    (Order 2 days prior & 50% Adv. Payment)

    Rs. 50Plain Curd
    Rs. 90Raita Aap Ki Pasand
    (Rich creamy yoghurt mixed as per your choice of potato , mint, boondi, vegetables or pineapple)

    Rs. 15 / 18Tandoori Roti Plain / Butter
    (whole wheat bread , made in clay oven, served plain or with butter)
    Rs. 20 / 23Naan Plain / Butter
    (leavened bread of rich refined flour)
    Rs. 23Missi Roti
    Rs. 25Khasta Roti
    (a very delicious and nutritious crispy roti combined with sauf and ajwain)
    Rs. 28Lachha / Pudina Paratha
    (layered whole wheat bread served with butter or mint leaves)
    Rs. 28Garlic Naan
    (semi wheat bread of rich refined flour stuffed with raw garlic)
    Rs. 30 Roomali Roti
    (paper thin bread baked on an inverted dome shaped griddle)
    Rs. 33 Aloo Paratha
    (layered whole wheat bread served with stuffed potatoes with a touch of butter and coriander leaves)
    Rs. 38 Cheese Garlic Naan
    (semi wheat bread of rich refined flour stuffed with raw garlic garnished with cheese) Rs. 45 Kulchha(stuff/masala/paneer)
    (refined flour bread served with plain or with a stuffing of spiced
    veggies , kachumber or cottage cheese and coriander)
    Rs. 40 Stuffed Naan
    (semi wheat bread of rich refined flour stuffed with mixed vegetables)
    Rs. 60 Kashmiri Naan
    (semi wheat bread of rich refined flour stuffed with nuts & raisins)

    DAL & RICE
    Rs. 85Dal Fry
    (Preassured cooked �Tuvar� dal fried in a pan with chillies, garlic & coriander)
    Rs. 90Dal Tadka
    (a speciality of Northern India, full flavoured lentil,tempered with the sprinkling
    of green chillies, garlic, coriander & cumin seeds)
    Rs. 110Dal Palak
    (spinach dal curry is a wonderful combination of spinach, lentil and garlic)
    Rs. 135Dal-e-Punjab (Dal Makhani)
    (lentil delicacy flavoured with tomatoes, ginger, garlic & cream)
    Rs. 100Safed Chawal
    (Steamed basmati rice)
    Rs. 100 Jeera Rice
    (steam basmati rice tossed with jeera, an all time favourite)
    Rs. 130 Lemon Rice
    (a south indian dish, where steam rice is mixed with a spiced lemon and peanut mixture)
    Rs. 120 Onion Mint Rice
    (steamed rice tossed with the most aromatic herb mint (pudina) and fried with onion and some coriander)
    Rs. 120 Mix Veg Pulao
    (steamed rice tossed with healthy vegetables, very delicious to eat)
    Rs. 170 Kashmiri Pulao
    (steamed rice tossed with healthy vegetables, herbs & dry fruits, garnished with paneer, mawa with fruit topping)
    Rs. 170 Masala kichdi
    (needs no introduction)
    Rs. 170 Veg Biryani With Raita
    (a delectable dish of rich, mild spicy, faithful to original dish loaded with lots of green vegetables garnished with biryani)
    Rs. 170 Egg Biryani With Raita
    (it,s a recipe prepared with boiled eggs, spices, basmati rice and loads of green vegetables, herbs and our chef secret masala cooked and garnished with biryani)
    Rs. 250 Chicken Biryani With Raita
    Rs. 280 Mutton Biryani With Raita

    Rs. 25Packed Drinking Water
    Rs. 30Areated Water
    Rs. 30 / 40Butter Milk (Plain / Masala)
    Rs. 40Jal-Jeera
    Rs. 45 Fresh Lime Soda
    Rs. 60 Can
    (Thums up / Sprite / Fanta)
    Rs. 65 Diet Coke / Coke Zero
    Rs. 65 Cold Coffee
    Rs. 80 Cold Coffee with Ice Cream
    Rs. 90 Milk Shake
    (Seasonal Fruits)
    Rs. 150 Red-bull
    Rs. 160 Red-bull (Sugar Free)

    Rs. 50Gulab Jamun (2 Pcs.)
    (dumplings of mawa stuffed with nuts)
    Rs. 70 / 90Ice Cream Regular / Premium (2 Scoop)
    (frozen food made with dairy products usually with milk and cream served in different flavours)
    Rs. 100Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream
    (dumplings of mawa stuffed with nuts and served with ice cream)
    Rs. 100Honey Noodles with Ice Cream
    (Crispy fried noodles drizzled with honey is a hot and cold combination when served with a nice dollop of vanilla ice cream)
    Rs. 100Pineapple Toffee with Ice Cream
    Rs. 100 Apple Toffee with Ice Cream
    Rs. 100 Banana Toffee with Ice Cream
    Rs. 100 Fried Ice Cream
    (secret recipe, our chef special)

    Notes :-
    Govt. Taxes as Applicable.
    Container will be charged extra for parcel.
    Order will take maximum 20-25mins.
    Once ordered will not be cancelled.
    Lunch Timing 11:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.
    Dinner Timing 7:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M.
    Prawns, Fish & Few items from the menu will be available as per the availability.
    We are authorized to make any changes in the Pricing from the menu.

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